Friday, December 14, 2012

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Building permissions for construction of Group Housing/Complexes

   Building permissions for construction of Group Housing/Complexes.

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GHMC is granting permissions for construction of group housing/apartments and commercial complex as per the building rules stipulated in G.O.Ms.No.541 MA, dt:7.11.2000 and G.O.Ms.NO. 86,M.A., Dated 03.03.2006, G.O Ms. No. 301, Dated 11.04.2008. 

 GHMC is also insisting that every complex builder / owner has to exhibit the approved plan with details showing elevation and section etc. for the General public who are going to purchase the flats/shops/office units etc. in the said complexes. 

   Inspite of taking several precautions by GHMC, the owner / builders are violating their own undertakings resulting in several complaints from the public and also from the neighbours where the construction is under progress.
The majority of public are not aware about these procedures and or unknowingly and ultimately approaching GHMC for redressal of their grievances after entering into purchase agreement with the builders. At this stage GHMC could not take any action except taking actin on the deviations made.

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In view of the above and in the interest of the general public it is decided to place the approved plans in the web-site with the full details of the respective complexes for the benifit of the public; so as to enable the public to know the actual permission granted before entering into the purchase agreement with builder.
Under the above facilities, citizens are provided with easy access to details of permissions granted by GHMC under various categories of buildings, such as Appts/Group housing/Multi-Storied/commercial Complexes.