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GHMC Road Complaints -

GHMC Road Complaints -


Planned growth and all-round development of the City depend to a large extent on the infrastructural facilities provided. Public Works Department in the GHMC is trying its best to provide adequate civic infrastructure to meet the challenges of city growth and population concentration.
This Department is headed by the Additional Commissioner (Public Works) supported by the Chief Engineer. The Superintending Engineers and Executive Engineers of various Circles and Project Divisions report to the Chief Engineer. The Public Works Department is involved in the execution and maintenance of roads, drains and other civic amenities. While construction of new amenities depends on the availability of funds, adequate provision is being made by GHMC for maintenance works so that the public complaints can be redressed on a day-to-day basis.

Functions :
  • Construction of GHMC roads, drains, culverts and flood control works.
  • Maintenance including filling of potholes and resurfacing of roads.
  • Beautification of arterial roads with private sponsorship.
  • Widening and improvement of existing roads.
  • Installation and maintenance of road furniture like footpaths, lamp posts, signage, etc.
  • Maintenance of drains including desilting operations.
  • Repairs to manholes/replacement of manhole covers.
  • Street lighting.
  • Registration/empanelment of contractors.
How Can a Citizen Help?
  • Don't construct or dump materials which obstruct or block a road or hinder the movement of traffic.
  • Don't encroach pavements or footpaths.
  • Apply for permission to put up lights, shamianas, take out processions perform such other public functions on a public road.
  • Seek GHMC permission for digging, scaffolding or erecting enclosures on a public road.
  • Don't vandalise street furniture, including signage, flower pots, etc.
  • Help GHMC in maintaining and protecting the city's roads and public property - don't let out household water/sewage on to roads.
  • Don't encroach drains and construct slabs without authorization - ensure free flow of rain water without any obstruction.
Water is life. Groundwater is depleting. Take up Rain Water Harvesting Structures to conserve precious rainwater and recharge ground water.
  • Don't connect sewer lines to storm water drains.
  • Do not throw garbage into drains and gutters as it causes blockages.
  • Ensure that nobody steals or vandalises drain/catchpit covers.
  • Promptly report chokages in drains and water stagnation cases.
  • Take up rainwater harvesting structures to tap roof water and roadside flows.
Response Time :
  • Filling up potholes - Within 3 days on main roads and 7 days on other roads.
  • Removal of obstruction on road - Within 3 days of receipt of complaint.
  • Road cutting permission - Within 24 hours in case of emergency; within 7 days in other cases.
  • Removal of water stagnation - Within 24 hours.
  • Clearance of drain blockage - Within 24 hours in case of emergency; within 3 days in other cases.
  • Replacement of manhole covers - 3 days on receipt of complaint/detection.

Participate in
Face to Face
Wednesdays :
6.00 PM to 7.00 PM

Whom to Contact?
  • Initial contact - AE/DEE in Ward Office.
  • Second Contact - EE in Circle Office/Zonal Additional Commissioner.
  • Third Contact - Chief Engineer/Additional Commissioner(Public Works)/Commissioner.