Thursday, February 28, 2013

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Procedure for Obtaining Building Permission in GHMC Green Channel?

Procedure for Obtaining Building Permission in GHMC Green Channel?

Building Permission in GHMC Green Channel Procedure:

(i) Applicants desirous of using the green channel facility at head office must approach the GHMC empanelled Architects for required scrutiny of their development proposal to ensure conformity to Master Plan Zoning Regulations / Building Rules and Regulations and orders and circulars issued by the Government from time to time before submission to GHMC. 

(ii) Applicants must additionally approach GHMC empanelled document auditors for certification of title over the land intended for development. 

(iii) The applicants of multi storied buildings must approach GHMC empanelled appropriate group of Structural Engineers for structural designs and drawings.

(iv) The proposals should be submitted through the prescribed BUILDING APPLICATION SELF-SCRUITINY STATEMENT (BASS - available in GHMC website) duly signed by Owner,  Builder, Empanelled Architect, Engineer, Empanelled Document Auditor in case of non-high-rise buildings and in case of high-rise buildings proposals shall also be signed by Empanelled Structural Engineers and Peer Consultants / Institution.

(v) Along with the building application the applicant / owner shall submit notarized affidavit that “all the rules and regulations have been adhered to and they are personally held responsible for any lapses in this matter.” (proforma enclosed).

(vi) On completion of the necessary scrutiny and certification of building plans by the empanelled architects and document auditors the applicant / architect shall submit their proposals at Citizen Service Centre in the head office in full form duly enclosing all relevant plans and necessary NOCs with payment of initial fee in the form of DD for an amount of Rs.10,000/- and the remaining balance amount in the form of DD in the name of Commissioner, GHMC shall be paid on intimation within one month failing which the proposals will be returned un approved.

(vii) In case of high rise buildings the plans and structural designs will be referred to an empanelled peer consultant by GHMC and the peer consultant shall submit his report to GHMC within (7) days. The charges of peer consultant shall be paid by the applicant through GHMC within (7) days from the date of intimation in the form of DD drawn in favour of peer consultant.

(viii) The plans will be scrutinized by the concerned Town Planning officials at the Head Office and after approval of Commissioner intimation letter for payment of balance fee and other documents and the entire process will be completed within 15 days for non-high-rise buildings and within 30 days for high-rise buildings.

(ix) The Architects / Structural Engineers shall give reports in prescribed format at every slab level or in every 3 months period which ever is earlier on the progress of construction and conformity with sanctioned plans.

(x) The procedure prescribed to ensure the structural stability of the building under GO 541 M.A dt.17.11.2002 and G.O Ms No. 168 MA dt. 7.4.2012 shall be strictly adhered to.

(xi) This empanelment is done with an intention to minimize the time delay in the process of approvals and maximize the efficiency of the approval process and in this exercise, the GHMC shall monitor and evaluate the competency levels of various consultants empanelled from time to time for better citizen service. 

(xii) The GHMC may decide continuation of the empanelment or De-empanelment of various consultants, squarely depending on the  performance, of consultants empanelled.

(xiii) All the Architects / Engineers / Structural Engineers / Peer Consultants / Document Auditors will be given a refreshment course for 2 or 3 days explaining them about the various provisions of the procedures, bye-laws and their interpretations so that with the fresh knowledge given to them by the GHMC, the empanelled personnel can function more efficiently.