Monday, December 10, 2012

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GHMC Property Tax

Citizens Charter

This Department is headed by Additional Commissioner (Finance, Accounts & Information Technology) [AC (F)], supported by Chief Valuation Officer, Advertisement Officer and Deputy Municipal Commissioners, Tax Inspectors and Bill Collectors in Circles. It mobilises revenues through property tax, advertisement fee and other collections.
 GHMC has introduced Self Assessment scheme to enable the property owners/occupiers to have an opportunity of indicating their own taxes. The people can pay their taxes at Banks, Citizen Service Centres, e-Seva Centres and also through Internet. GHMC has taken steps to create service centre in Circle Offices and selected Ward Offices. In addition, a network of e-Seva Centres is emerging to provide integrated services to the citizens of the Twin Cities.
      The Self-Assessment scheme was introduced by the Municipal Corporation to achieve the following objectives:
  • To ensure complete transparency and openness in levy and collection of Property Tax and to eliminate inequities existing in the GHMC property tax system. 
  • To build a computerized Property Tax Data Base and to assign unique Property Tax Identification Number (PTIN) to each property. 
  • To rationalise Property Tax and eliminate discretion in the levy of tax on the part of valuation officers/assessors.
  • To give an opportunity to the taxpayer in the fixation of property tax following the legal provisions.
  • To minimize prolonged disputes between taxpayers and GHMC.
Under Section 213 of the HMC Act, 1955 the Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation may call for information or returns in writing from the owner or occupier of assessable properties:
(a) as to the name and place of property of the owner or occupier, or of both the owner and occupier of such building or land; and

(b) as to the dimensions of such building or land, or of portion thereof, and rent, if any, obtained for such building, or land, or any portion thereof.
Every owner or occupier on whom any such requisition is made shall be bound to comply with the same and to give true information or to make a true return to the best of his knowledge or belief. The objective of the Self-Assessment scheme is to enable the taxpayer to calculate his or her tax as per the provisions of law and indicate the tax leviable, while furnishing the mandatory information called for. This gives a good opportunity to the taxpayer. GHMC has greatly valued the opinions of the taxpayers and has accepted most of the Self Assessment Returns during the last three years unless the taxes figuring in Returns are very low.
Functions of Tax Department :
  • Assessment and collection of property tax.
  • Allotment of house numbers through the Housing Numbering Cell.
  • Mutation of property.
  • Lease of advertisement space and collection of charges.
  • Issue and renewal of advertisement permissions.
How Can a Citizen Help?
  • Promptly furnish information when required by the Commissioner under Section 213 of the HMC Act, 1955.
  • File Self-Assesment Returns.
  • Form Resident Welfare Associations, educate members regarding tax laws, ensure that all members pay the rightful taxes in time and assist GHMC in delivering services efficiently.
Report your
Property Details
to the concerned
Circle and obtain
Property Tax

  • Closely participate in the service delivery system and help GHMC in discharging its obligatory functions in a responsible and responsive manner while avoiding high interest charges on the tax due. 
  • Avoid unnecessary litigation with appreciation of the relevant legal provisions under the HMC Act. 
  • Clear long pending arrears without any delay.
  • Exercise vigilance to ensure quality in execution of public works and obtain value for money.
Response Time :
  • Assessment - Within 30 days.
  • Settling tax complaint - Within 30 days.
  • Vacancy remission - Within 30 days. 
  • Extract of Assessment - Within 3 days.
  • Mutation - Within 30 days.
  • Advertisement permission: fresh/renewal - Within 30 days 
Whom to Contact?
  • Initial Contact- Tax Inspector/Deputy Municipal Commissioner/Advertisement Officer.
  • Second Contact - Zonal Additional Commissioner. 
  • Third Contact - Additional Commissioner (F)/Commissioner, if complaint persists.
Check how to pay GHMC property tax online.