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GHMC Circles and Map -

GHMC Circles and Map -

The city of Hyderabad is divided into 5 zones and 18 Circles - 
  • East Zone: Kapra – Circle 1, Uppal 2 & L.B. Nagar & Gaddiannaram are under Circle 3.
  • South Zone: Erstwhile Circle 1 under MCH is Circle 4, old Circle 2 is Circle 5, and Rajendranagar is Circle 6.
  • Central Zone: Old Circle 4 is Circle 7, old Circle 6 is Circle 8, old Circle 3 is Circle 9 & old Circle 5 is Circle 10.
  • West Zone: Serilingampally (south) is Circle 11, Serilingampally (north) is Circle 12, Ramachandrapuram & Patancheru are under Circle 13 and Kukatpally is under Circle 14.
  • North Zone: Qutbullapur is Circle 15, Alwal is Circle 16, Malkajgiri is Circle 17 & Secunderabad division comes under Circle 18.

GHMC Map Circle wise: 
You can go through GHMC Map Circle wise below by clicking CLICK HERE.

Circle wise Delimitation Ward Maps
Kapra - Click here
Uppal- Click here
L.B. Nagar & Gaddianarram-Click here
Erst while MCH 1-Click here
Erst while MCH 2-Click here
Rajendra Nagar-Click here
Erst while MCH 4-Click here
Erst while MCH 6-Click here
Erst while MCH 3-Click here
Erst while MCH 5-Click here
Serilingampally South-Click here
Serilingampally North-Click here
Patancheruvu & Ramachandrapuram-Click here
Kukatpally-Click here
Quthbullapur-Click here
Alwal-Click here
Malkajgiri-Click here
Secunderabad-Click here
GHMC Map shown circle wise lets you examine all areas nicely.