Sunday, May 19, 2013

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Hyderabad Mayor makes a Surprise Visit at GHMC Call Centre

Hyderabad Mayor makes a Surprise Visit at GHMC Call Centre

Hyderabad Mayor made a surprise visit to the GHMC Call Centre at City Managers Training Institute (CMTI) on Road No. 12 in Banjara Hills in the city on Saturday, 18-May-2103, Mayor M Majid Hussain was shocked to see the status of the grievances and complaints lodged by citizens of Hyderabad.

Hussain, who had received complaints from  citizens that their complaints were not addressed, visited the call centre and made a random check of the status of complaints  on the computer which showed that all the complaints received were addressed by ground level GHMC staff. Based on the status, he personally telephoned and interacted with around 50 citizens who made complaints on civic matters such as non- glowing of street lights, sanitation, lifting of debris, trade licences, property tax and unauthorized constructions. He was shocked to learn that of the 50-odd people he spoke with, 99 per cent said their complaints were not addressed at all. He warned the ground-level officers that such lapses would not be tolerated.  The call centre was opened six months ago.

He said he would visit the centre every 10 days and if the functioning did not improve he would take severe action against negligent officials. He directed the call centre officials to submit a detailed report by Sunday on the complaints received and attended to right from the inception of the call centre and to furnish all details about the action taken and pending grievances. He also wanted the system linked to the mayor’s office so that he ccould personally monitor the functioning of the call centre.